Disability Access


We wish you a pleasant stay with us! To thoroughly assess the situation for our disabled guests and ensure a stay here is viable for them, the ATLANTIC Essen has undergone an examination from the association “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe behinderter Menschen in Essen e.V. (Self-help Consortium for Disabled Persons in Essen)”. The signet that is awarded serves to notify persons concerned about whether a building is barrier-free (handicapped-accessible) and will contain the necessary facilities. The examination was made by disabled people on a voluntary basis, using carefully prepared checklists.


This means in detail:


Cars and buses are able to drive up in front of the main entrance. The two handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked directly in the forecourt, so that ground-level entry is only a few meters away. If you would like to park your car in a protected location, the hotel’s own underground car park offers handicapped parking spaces that are also clearly marked. From here you will have barrier-free access to the room floors and all public areas except the rooftop terrace and wellness area. When you make your booking, please let us know if we may help you with luggage or special equipment.


Public Transport

The underground stop “Messe Ost/Gruga” is located directly across from the main entrance, with a direct connection to the Essen central railway station (Hauptbahnhof). A lift will make access more comfortable for people in wheelchairs. Please use the "C" entrance and exit. From here, access to the hotel is barrier-free.


Main Entrance

If you enter through the main entrance, there will be no barriers to make arrival more difficult for those in wheelchairs or who have walking impediments. The ground-level entrance opens automatically with a movement sensor. The reception area, with a height of 1.20 cm, is not designed for people in wheelchairs, but we would be glad to offer you assistance from our colleagues at the check-in and checkout counters, as well as other services. 


 Sanitary Facilities

The hotel’s basement level contains sanitary facilities which can be accessed barrier-free through the lift. A handicapped-accessible WC is also available on this level. This washroom has been set up in accordance with DIN18025.

Rooms & Suites

All room floors can be reached barrier-free through the lifts. 206 of our 248 rooms and suites are equipped for the disabled by containing a walk-in shower, among other things. The door width is 0.81 m. The testing commission for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe behinderter Menschen in Essen e.V. (Self-help Consortium for Disabled Persons in Essen) has tested these rooms for their viability for the disabled and found them to be “handicapped-accessible”. The 4th and 5th floors each contain one of our handicapped-accessible rooms, which have been set up in accordance with german "DIN 18025". A travelling companion will be able to stay overnight on a comfortable sleeping couch. This room can be separated from the actual bedroom. The floors in all our halls and rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting.


Our elevators are state-of-the-art, and are independently tested and maintained regularly. The fully-automatic doors facilitate an entry width of 90 cm, and the control panel is attached at a wheelchair-friendly height of 90-120 cm. An alarm button and intercom are also available. The doors are also equipped with a safety system that prevents people from getting stuck between them. You can access all areas of the hotel with a wheelchair barrier-free (except the rooftop terrace and our wellness area).


The public area invites you to rest for a while with no barriers, since it is all located on one level. All the floors are parquet or stone.

CUXX Restaurant. Bar. Bistro

The food area CUXX, which contains a restaurant, bar, bistro, terrace, and the Zino Platinum Cigar Lounge, is on the ground floor. The ground-level amenities involve no barriers for people in wheelchairs; we would be glad to help you in these areas by reserving a table or seating accommodations. All the floors are parquet or stone.

Guest Rooms

The ground floor of the ATLANTIC Essen also contains a conference area which is all on the ground level and barrier-free. The individual meeting rooms are easily accessible through 1.8-metre-wide doors into rooms 1–4, and 0.93 m for rooms 5–9. All the floors are parquet (in the foyer) or stone (in the event rooms).


The 7th floor of the hotel is our boardroom, which can be accessed by wheelchairs barrier-free. The door is 0.81 m wide. Please note that our boardroom has a unisex washroom that is not handicapped-accessible. Access to the boardroom’s balcony is also not barrier-free. The boardroom has wall-to-wall carpeting.

Club Lounge

The 6th floor contains the ATLANTIC Club Lounge, which can be reached barrier-free. It has a door width of 2 x 0.81 m and a parquet floor.

Roof Terrace

The ATLANTIC rooftop terrace is located on the eighth floor of the hotel, it has a door width of 1.10 m and unfortunately cannot be accessed barrier-free - one floor must be traversed by a flight of stairs. Two additional steps can be traversed via a firmly installed ramp. The floor itself has no handicapped-accessible washroom available. The floors on the entire free area consist of bangkirai wood and the passageways of fine stone.


Our fitness and wellness area is located on the 7th floor. Our Fitness Centre can be accessed barrier-free through a door width of 1.10 m. It has parquet or stone floors. Unfortunately, the remaining area, including the saunas, steam bath, changing rooms, etc., cannot be accessed barrier-free. One step has to be overcome. 


Our wine cellar is located on the basement floor, and can be reached barrier-free through a door width of 1.0 m. It has a parquet floor. The handicapped-accessible washroom is located on the same floor.