In the ATLANTIC Essen we make safety a priority, especially in view of today’s international security risks. It’s important to us to be prepared, and to know how to react in an emergency. That being said, a guest or visitor may be unaware that we are always conscious of safety in our daily work. If an emergency situation arises, you can be sure that we are doing all we can for the safety of our guests. For neither our guests nor our team members should be exposed to risks.


The following are a few of the proactive safety and protection programmes that are integral parts of our operation:


-Our reception area is manned 24 hours a day
-Video-monitored entrances, underground car park and lift landings: A total of 26 cameras are installed, which record around the clock via motion detection. Corresponding recordings are available for 7 days. All cameras are permanently installed and cannot be swiveled.
-Rooms are accessible only through a carded locking system
-Peepholes in all guest rooms
-Underground car park is accessible only through video surveillance or a carded locking system
-Safe for your valuables in the room, in addition to deposit boxes at the reception desk
-Our employees are familiar with the relevant statutory provisions and other safety regulations
-Our employees are trained in resuscitation procedures
-A defibrillator is available, and our employees have been taught how to use it
-Ongoing practical firefighting and evacuation exercises for all employees
-All our employees receive safety training regularly and are thoroughly briefed in safety measures
-Our employees are constantly alert, and use their common sense to remain watchful for suspicious persons and situations
-We also have specially trained employees who are responsible for safety 



If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help!