Swoofle it, Baby!

...with rental furniture from the emergent Berlin furniture factory.

When you’re organising an event, there are a few things to watch out for: find a suitable hotel, plan the agenda, select the speakers, etc. But when was the last time you really thought intensively about the not unimportant detail of the type of seating? The right seating not only has a positive influence on the event’s atmosphere, it contributes to the meeting’s overall success. For example, how would it be to use the FlatCubes from the emerging Berlin furniture manufacturer SWOOFLE, the mobile seating and furnishing element, for your breakout session or discussion? It’s easy to see the hard work and dedication that founder Georg Winkel brings to the table: ecologically sustainable, economically optimal and socially responsible to produce. All the pallets are processed in this way, cuttings are recycled, and cooperation is established with workshops for people with disabilities. The FlatCube is light to transport, space-saving in storage, and simple to build and dismantle. And with an 8-cm storage height, you won’t wonder when your furniture flutters through the mail slot with your mail. And speaking of mail: You can simply visit the SWOOFLE website to enquire about the inventory, place an order, and you’re done. If you order before 5 p.m., the delivery can even be made overnight if you wish. Renting furniture was never so simple. Test it out for yourself!

09. December 2016 /

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