The Top Locations in Essen

From industrial monuments to the sandy beach.

Besides the World Heritage Site Zollverein, with its impressive locations, Essen offers a number of other fantastic locations for your event! How would you like a BBQ on the sandy beach after your meeting, or a gala in an old factory hall in the centre of town? Unusual places for meetings and extraordinary event locations full of exciting contrasts are waiting for you! Today we’d like to introduce our top recommendations.



10. February 2017 /

Philharmonie Essen

Near the centre with special flair.

Celebrate and meet where international stars of the classical music scene are at home: the Philharmonie Conference Center Essen. Located in the centre of the city, the Philharmonie is housed in the historic hall. Opened in 1904 by none other than Richard Strauss, the Conference Center offers 14 different rooms for under 400 people. However, the highlight of the house is the multifunctional Alfried Krupp Hall for over 1,900 people: it features the utmost in technology, for the stage, which consists of multiple platforms, can be adjusted for the most varied event requirements, and the entire parquet flooring area can even be adjusted to the height of the foyer. To this end, various foyers and exhibition rooms offer ample space to hold your event. And you can get a unique view of the Essen City Gardens at no charge—at a reception or a coffee break on the large summer terrace, for example. Distance: 2.7 km, transfer duration: approx. 10 minutes.


A bit of Ruhr Region culture, featuring brewery cuisine that is both authentic and contemporary.

The Borbecker Dampfe beer brewery is over 30 years old, and has long been an institution in the Ruhr Region. When the Borbeck brewery inn opened in February 1984, it was a place where people could meet and unwind. Just typical Ruhrpott (Ruhr Region). Congeniality is valued here, and the employees are responsible for it just like the guests. The Biergarten seats 700, and there’s room for 700 more inside the historical walls. The Dampfe team delights with authentic contemporary brewery cuisine and unique beers brewed on site, such as steam beer or “Zwickelbier” (unfiltered beer). Many prominent figures have made their rounds here: Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder treated themselves to a refreshing hop tea in Borbeck, and party bands such as “Brings” and “Bläck Fööss” also love coming to Borbeck. Distance: 9.0 km, transfer duration: approx. 20 minutes.


Seaside Beach

It doesn’t get any cooler! least, that’s what the guests at corporate events at the Seaside Beach Baldeney say. The perfect summer location, directly next to the water, captivates with 10,000 m2 of the finest sandy beach, a cocktail lounge, and a holiday atmosphere. The ideal beach, a total of 250 metres long and 35 metres wide, with more than 35 genuine palms, lies directly on the shore of Baldeneysee (Baldeney Lake). And the most varied events for up to 1,500 people can be held on its premises. Whether it’s company parties, partner events, customer incentives or seminars, the Seaside Beach Baldeney offers a special, extravagant ambience! The more athletic can rent a board from the surfing school Surf’n Smile and enjoy the sun on the water of the Baldeneysee. Of course, surfing courses are also offered. Those who would prefer to remain on land can dive for the ball at one of 5 beach volleyball courts, test their luck at the tightrope climbing course, or take advantage of other diverse offers. Kidnap your employees or clients for a short holiday with summer, sun, palms, a Caribbean beach, massage and all types of action. Distance: 6.0 km, transfer duration: approx. 15 minutes.


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