Incentive Ideas

For aviation fans, lovers of altitudes and adrenalin junkies - your incentive possibilities at the airport Essen/ Mülheim.

Yes we know that we repeat ourselves – but in Essen there are again a dozen things, of which you never thought of that exist here - for example an airport with excellent incentive opportunities! The dream of flight was around for hundreds of years, wasn’t it? From the ATLANTIC hotel you go on the A52, where after 5 minutes you will experience the AHA-effect, when the view shifts from Germany’s biggest conurbation to green fields and forests of the Essen’s south. After a further 5 minutes you will reach the airport of Essen/Mülheim, which was built in 1925.

Beginning with the adrenaline junkies amongst yourselves: the unique maneuverability, an extraordinary start and landing behavior or vertical climb or descent will give you an enormous rush when flying with the helicopter. You can fly with “Revierheli” and “Aveoair”! Of course there also the classic round flights with single motor propelling machines. Within 15 minutes you will reach the Baldeney lake or the Villa Hügel for example. Within 30 minutes – the Duisburg’s harbor – the biggest inner harbor in Europe.

A special experience is a round flight with the airship. Panoramic window seats guaranteed! Among the regular flyers there is also a special highlight: the biggest flying double decker in the world. The “Red Baron” is driven by a 1000PS strong radial engine and offers 9 passenger seats.


For those, who would prefer to something more relaxing, there is the choice of a trip with a hot air balloon. With the rotating baskets you can enjoy a 360 degree view.

Last but not least we turn to those who would prefer to remain on solid ground: take the wheel of an Airbus A320 in the flight simulator – no prior knowledge or license required. An experienced pilot will give you advice for your flight to one of the 24.000 airports worldwide and will support you in the cockpit, because all instruments, functions and noises are like with a real airplane.


Additionally: your event does not need to end after the flight. On the airport there are different locales: the checkin – Bar & Café offers fresh food, a relaxing atmosphere and of course a good view on the air strip. If you’d prefer something bigger then one of the hangars is the right place, where 5000 people can be accommodated. With a good weather the flight preparation zone is the perfect place of outdoor events. That’s why Ed Sheeran chose the Airport Essen / Mülheim for his world tour 2017 as one of his stages. And to answer your next question: No, there are no more tickets left ;-) 

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