Your guide to the culinary high points of chips and currywurst ;-)

The “Mantaplatte” or the “Pommes Schranke”—in Pott we have our own names for the quick, delicious dishes. Currywurst & chips are of course one of the region’s culinary delicacies, whether at the snack truck in front of the supermarket, in a kiosk, or at a restaurant.  

By the way, here we don’t go to the fast-food or snack restaurants, but to the "Pommesbude", "Frittenschmiede" or "Frittenranch". Bon appétit!

21. February 2017 /

"Manta-Platte" or"Schimanski-Teller"

The classic: Currywurst with chips, mayonnaise and ketchup

"Bottroper Schlemmerplatte"

Also called "Schlachtplatte": Currywurst with chips and mayonnaise

"Pommes Schranke"

Chips with mayonnaise and ketchup, also well known as chips red-white.


Also known as "Asi-Schale": Plate or bowl with chips and currywurst.


For afterwards. Or as starter: A freshly tapped pilsener and a brandy.

"Taxi Teller"

Chips, mayonnaise, tzatziki, currywurst and gyros (kebap).

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