Fcuk Yoga Bar

If you love cocktails, come check us out!

In the ATLANTIC, we really do have everything you need, such as a comfortable room and a beautiful restaurant with a varied menu. In the summertime, you can relax on our rooftop terrace, and our CUXX Bar offers fantastic drinks. But if you’d prefer a cocktail or an after-work drink, then get yourself to the Fcuk Yoga straightaway!

No, that’s not a typo, and YES—the resemblance to the English expletive is on purpose ;-) The Fcuk Yoga has become one of the most hip bars in Essen in only a short time. And we’re understating things. For, to quote Playboy magazine, it’s actually “one of the best bars in Germany”. And the Welt am Sonntag (a German newspaper) has also paid a visit: “The sexiest place to be”. The big hit since its opening? "Le Gurk": Cucumber, gin, elderberry, lemon and apple. But talk is cheap. See for yourself, for it’s only a 10-minute walk away. The drink menu will mostly attract cocktail lovers with a passion for the experimental. Fcuk Yoga’s interior is a study in contrasts: unpolished walls meet a canopy bed, elegant seating areas meet classic chandeliers. And all with an Asian touch. The spirits behind the bar are arranged in an apothecary’s cabinet, and the apothecary glasses have hand-written labels.    

And one more thing: the Fcuk Yoga is a smoker’s club where you can enjoy cigarettes, cigars or pipes. And you can book it in its entirety, for a maximum of 85 people. Cheers!


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