Gym? I thought u said GIN!

Say hello to Siegfried & his Friends...

We not only love whiskey, we love gin! Our CUXX bar staff has a collection of the finest premium gins for you to enjoy. And today we’re introducing you to three of our personal bests. Cheers, à votre santé and salud!

13. March 2017 /

Siegfried Dry Gin

There was once a hero who climbed the Drachenfelsen (“dragon cliffs”) to become immortal. But his plans were thwarted by the famous linden leaf. And then there were two friends from Bonn who noticed that there was in fact no local gin. And a crazy idea led to one of the best premium gins in the world. Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin is a delicate composition of 18 Botanicals with 41% ABV. Linden blossoms are paired with citrus notes and nuances of thyme and cardamom, produced in the Eifel distillery by Peter-Josef Schütz in Ahrweiler. While the first 120 bottles were sold on Facebook, Siegfried began to conquer the world, and was distinguished with numerous top awards: from the China Wine & Spirit Awards to the Micro Liquor Spirit Awards of Beverly Hills. And yes, you can use Siegfried to mix wonderful gin and tonics. A “Siggi tonic”, so to speak. So say hello to Siegfried.

Gin Sul

Around 500 kilometres farther to the northeast lies beautiful Hamburg: the home of Gin Sul. If you’re keep watch for a Mediterranean gin, you won’t go wrong with Gin Sul and its 43% ABV. Even the bottle is an experience: Gin Sul typically comes in white earthenware jugs. Gin Sul is manufactured with organic juniper berries and fresh rosemary in a copper still that only holds 100 litres, so that wonderful aromas can develop and the gin can become a real taste experience. Besides all types of fresh botanicals, the “secret recipe” contains lemons from bushes that grow on the steep coasts of Portugal. This flawless gin should be part of every good collection of spirits!




Gin Xoriguer Mahon

Gin Xoriguer Mahon has its home much farther south, on the Balearic Islands—the group of islands most beloved by Germans. Alcohol distillate from grain is not used for the gin from Menorca, but alcohol based on wine. It is distilled in old copper stills from top-grade wine alcohol, together with aromatic herbs and juniper berries from the mountain region of the Mediterranean. What exactly does it contain? The Xoriguer family isn’t telling. But you can see and taste the results: fine, soft and dry. By the way: Besides "London Dry Gin”, Gin Xoriguer Mahon is the only gin which is manufactured with a protected designation of origin. Salud!


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